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Chandeliers were initially created to be lit with candles. The prisms, glass pendants and patinas refract the light from the flame to create a specific atmosphere, which cannot be reproduced by bulbs currently available on the market.


To overcome this problem, the Mathieu Lustrerie workshops have worked for years to develop an LED bulb that imitates the color and the luminous halo of a flame, with the power of three real candles: Evolution 5.  This year, we released a new version that give the exact light of single canle : Evolutions 6.

You will also find in this shop restoration candle kits and the books and catalogs published for Régis Mathieu's exhibitions.


Discover Evolution 5, the Mathieu bulb  which reproduces at 99% the light of a flame
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Candle restoration kits include Evolution 5 bulbs

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