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The art of light in all its facets

In the heart of the Lubéron, on the route des Ocres, the Ateliers Mathieu Lustrerie restore, reissue and create exceptional chandeliers for the most prestigious places in the world.

Régis Mathieu and some twenty companions have developed unique techniques so that each piece that passes through their hands becomes a true work of art, which meets or exceeds the level of requirement of the masters of the 18th century.

The old chandeliers were created to be lit by candle, explains Régis Mathieu. The prisms, the tassels and the patinas refract the light of the flame to create a specific atmosphere, which cannot be restored by the bulbs currently available on the market ”. To overcome this problem, the Mathieu Lustrerie workshops worked for four years to develop an LED bulb that imitates the color and the luminous halo of a flame, with the power of three real candles: Evolution 5.

Launched in January 2011 under the name of Evolution One, Evolution 5 has an almost eternal lifespan (30,000 hours), does not burn out and consumes less than one watt, which has earned it a reputation as a resolutely “development” bulb. sustainable ”. With its bakelite candle that looks like a wax candle, it adapts to all types of bobeches chandeliers thanks to a specific adapter. “In the past, wax was expensive and candle lighting was considered an outward sign of wealth, reserved for special occasions,” continues Régis Mathieu. With this new system, the magic of candle lighting becomes accessible to everyone on a daily basis! "

Like the Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles, which commissioned the Mathieu Lustrerie workshops to install 800 light bulbs, many historical monuments now wish to equip their chandeliers with these new low-consumption candles.

Individuals who want to change the electrification of their chandeliers can also contact the workshop to be put in touch with an Arterolux partner, or simply order the Evolution 5 candle.

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