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Antique chandeliers were created to be lit by candle. The prisms, tassels and patinas refract the light from the flame to create a specific atmosphere, which cannot be reproduced by normal light bulbs.  


The Mathieu workshops have been working for 10 years to develop and constantly improve an LED bulb that imitates the color and the luminous halo of a real flame.

The latest innovation from Mathieu Lustrerie, the Evolution 6 bulb is the thinnest in our range and the one that most resembles a real flame. It lights up like a single candle.  

Evolution 6 - 240 V - LED flame - 0.5W - 2000K


The Evolution 5 bulb is now present in most of the historical monuments of France. it has the advantage of giving the halo and the warmth of a candle while giving the light of 3 flammes  


​Evolution 5 - 240 V - LED flame - 1 W - 2000K

Do you want to restore your luminaire yourself?   
Describe your luminaires to us if you need help

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Candle restoration kits include Evolution 5 bulbs

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